utebildeThe ALM-Field, Digitalization, and the Public Sphere (ALMPUB) is a three year research project financed by the Norwegian Research Council’s KULMEDIA Program. The project is administered and co-founded, by the Department of Archivistics, Library, and Information Science, at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) in Norway. The project leader is Professor Ragnar Audunson. Several researchers and partner institutions from different countries are involved in the project:

Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet):

Department of Archivistics, Library, and Information Science:

Professor Ragnar Audunson: ragnar.audunson@oslomet.no

Professor Svanhils Aabø: svanhild.aabo@oslomet.no

Professor Kjell Ivar Skjerdingstad: kjell-ivar.skjerdingstad@oslomet.no

Associate Professor Herbjørn Andresen: herbjorn.andresen@oslomet.no

Associate Professor Sunniva Evjen: sunniva.evjen@oslomet.no

Associate Professor Tonje Vold: tonje.vold@oslomet.no

PhD Candidate Elin Golten: elin.golten@oslomet.no

Associate Professor Jamie Johnston: jamie.johnston@oslomet.no

Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research:

Researcher Erik Henningsen: erik.heningsen@nibr.oslomet.no

Researcher Sigrid Stokstad: sigrid.stokstad@nibr.oslomet.no

University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway:

Department of Language and Culture:

Professor Andreas Vårheim: andreas.varheim@uit.no

Professor Roswitha Skare: roswitha.skare@uit.no

Associate Professor Geir Grenersen: geir.grenersen@uit.no

National Library of Norway:

Hege Stensrud Høsøien: hege.hosoien@oslomet.no

Sogn and Fjordane University College:

Senior Advicer Georg Arnestad: georg.arnestad@hisf.no

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences:

Associate Professor  Håkon Larsen: hakon.larsen@inn.no

University of Copenhagen

Royal School of Library and Information Science:

Associate Professor Henrik Jochumsen: hju@hum.ku.dk

Associate Professor Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen: c.hvenegaardrasmussen@hum.ku.dk

PhD Candidate: Mia Høj Mathiasson: mia.mathiasson@hum.ku.dk

Uppsala University

Department of ALM:

Professor Kerstin Rydbeck: kerstin.rydbeck@abm.uu.se

Professor Isto Huvila: isto.huvila@abm.uu.se

Senior Lecturer Åse Hedemark: ase.hedemark@abm.uu.se

Högskolan i Borås 

Professor Roger Blomgren: roger.blomgren@hb.se

Potsdam University of Applied Sciences

Department of Information Sciences:

Hans Christoph Hobohm: hobohm@fh-potsdam.de

HTW Chur – University of Applied Sciences

Department of Information:

Karsten Schuldt: karsten.schuldt@htwchur.ch

National Library of Hungary:

Máté Tóth: thmate@oszk.hu

University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign

School of Library and Information Science:

Kate Williams: katewill@illinois.edu

Kent State University

School of Library and Information Science:

Kiersten Latham: kflatham@kent.edu


University of Warsaw

Laboratory of Media Studies

Anna Mierzecka: anna.mierzecka@uw.edu.pl


University of Iceland

Department of Information Science

Ágústa Pálsdóttir: agustap@hi.is